Maple House is located within the area of Rainford, a suburb of St Helens The home is deally located within a 5 minute drive from St Helens Town Centre, local parks, shops and leisure facilities in the immediate vicinity as well as being close to Rainford Village and local shops. Excellent transport links including a train station and number of bus routes main motorway M58 and the East Lancashire Road. St Helens has excellent schools, six forms and colleges including Rainford High and Sixth Form College.

Rainford is a village and civil parish within Metropolitan Borough of St Helens, in Merseyside, England. It is around 5 miles north of St Helens. At the 2001 Census the population of the civil parish was 8,344, reducing to 7,779 at the 2011 Census.

Maple House has the following facilities:

  • TV
  • Toys
  • DVDs
  • Computer
  • Music System
  • Reading Materials
  • Magazines
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Books
  • Games

Each young person, who resides at Maple House, will have their own bedroom. The bath room and shower rooms are shared. There is a staff sleep in room on the first floor and another staff sleep in room/office will situated on the ground floor.

The main office is situated on the first floor which will be used as the manager’s office.

The kitchen area can be used by the young person to both learn and practice new skills in preparing and cooking food.

The laundry area consists of an automatic washing machine and tumble dryer, an iron, ironing board. Depending on their age it is expected that young people will make use of these facilities on a regular basis to build up independence/life skills.

There is a large comfortable living room/dining area containing a television and to the rear of the room a dining area where children and young people can sit together to eat meals.

There is a quiet room on the ground floor where young people can take time away from others in the home.

There is an education room situated on the first floor which contains educational materials and a telescope should young people want to use this.

Within the house but partitioned off from the main house there is a fully new refurbished apartment which consist of 3 bedrooms, shower / toilet room, a bathroom, kitchen / dining room and a living area. The apartment is a single occupancy satellite unit which is run separate from the main living quarters this includes 2 sleep in rooms for staff, 1 young person’s bedroom.

Young people have access to the telephone to use in private, which can be accessed at appropriate times throughout the day. The telephone will be kept within a communal area and will be freely available to young people (as agreed in their respective care plans). All children will be provided with a mobile phone (if appropriate) and in line with any identified risk assessment/management plan.


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Each young person, who resides at Cherry House, will have their own bedroom…