Training for professionals We provide a wide range of training courses. These range from generic training events to those developed bespoke for an organisation’s needs.

Our Training can be delivered across a wide range of topics, which include:


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  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Harmful sexual behaviour across the lifespan (from adolescents to adults)
  • Motivationally engaging the client group
  • Contextual risk: understanding risk identification and management
  • Learning disability and cognitive impairment: presentation and management of getting the best out of your client
  • Mental health (e.g. emerging personality issues)
  • Attachment theory
  • Autistic spectrum disorder
  • Supervision: Becoming an effective supervisor and supervisee
  • Understanding deliberate self-injury: presentation and management
  • Critical Incident: Crisis intervention


Our flagship training course is delivered in partnership with the University of
Central Lancashire

This course looks at sexual offending across the lifespan (from young person to adulthood). It aims to enhance professional’s knowledge and skills by:

• Identifying, exploring and critically evaluating risk assessment techniques. It includes training in a well-validated and robust risk assessment measure (Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol-II: J-SOAP II).

• Examining the most up-to-date and accepted methods of bringing about change with sex offenders (across the lifespan – young person to adult).

• Examining how to work with resistance and denial, including the use of motivational techniques and other interviewing methods.

• Exploring the development of defendable written witness skills for risk assessment reports, including the delivery of expert testimony as a professional witness or a witness of fact.

The course includes formal assessment by the University.


We aim to ensure all training is delivered in a manner that meets your expectations. To this end, all training will have:

• A developed research/theoretical background that is up to date and relevant

• Be delivered by experienced trainers, and whose quality of delivery is continually reviewed

• Be delivered in a manner that is of value and accessible

• Have practical application when required, and where attendees are able to develop new skills, or enhance those already present


Trainers within our organisation are carefully selected. All have a previous background in extensive training delivery nationally and/or internationally. We pride ourselves not only in offering trainers who have extensive knowledge in the area of the training topic, but who are also specifically trained in effective training delivery. Often these trainers have published in the topic of training delivery and/or have extensive publication backgrounds that are relevant.

Other Services


Exceptional Care offers supervision, support and specialist 24 hour residential care for children and young people aged 8-17 years.

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The aim of our emergency placements is to offer instant, practical solutions to the young person in crisis. We stabilise the situation, reduce any risks and ensure the immediate safety of the young person.

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CCATS has extensive experience and a successful track record of providing psychological assessment and treatment services for children, young people, adults and families.

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Staff at Exceptional Care will ensure that all young people are aware of their absolute unconditional right to be kept safe and free from harm.

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Each young person, who resides at our Houses, will have their own bedroom. There is one shared bathroom on the first floor which consist of a bath, shower and toilet plus one master bedroom with large ensuite facilities and three other bedrooms two being staff sleep in rooms.

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During the initial contact is essential to obtain as much information as possible about the young person’s current situation and their particular care needs.

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